Most IMPORTANT Part of the Essay (Myself and My School)

This Essay is about a Toaster

My Name is Shaun Julius Banzagales Abiva, I am 13 Years Old. I am currently living here in BAGUIO CITY. I am aslo a GRADE 7 scholar of PHILIPPINE SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL CORDILLERA ADMINISTRATIVE REGION CAMPUS. As a newbie who has just started to adapt to the new configurations of my school, I still have a lot to understand and master. Say for example, our Grade 7 Mathematics. Just finished the First Quarter of my Grade 7 life (hooray, I guess), and I already have a b>low (but not failing) grade. But anyway, other than that, school is okay and manageable for me.Okay, I admit, its only been 3 MONTHS ,and I already have a crush (2, actually). Lets code their names into Payong and Burned Ham (LOL). Now that you know the basic things about me,let's move on to my

My Hobbies and Other Things Related to That

Now, if you know me (in REAL LIFE), you probably know me as that type of person that would sit down on a chair, grab a pack of chips, and play games for as long as I allow myself. Which brings us to my hobbies. My FAVORITE (and ONLY hobbies) are the following:

Of course, If I were to tell you what is my MAIN is in League of Legends, you would call me a weird person.Ok, I know that not many people main KENNEN in League of Legends, but hey, its MY life, so leave me alone,better yet, lets have a conversation about LoL.Other than that, I am also a cat person, and if you (by CHANCE), ever see my drawings, they would mostly be composed of cats and tanks (weird right? I know, even I surprise myself). But anyway, that's all the time I have for now. I might continue this in a separate website, but thanks anyway for reading this DOCUMENTARY about myself! Like this page and leave a COMMENT if you want to give a recommendation.